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Whilst our crews are notionally split into NRM & Civil disciplines as outlined below they often combine forces to complete multi-disciplinary projects.

Our Environmental crew undertake a variety of projects on all scales and complexity Large scale weed control and revegetation in suburban areas, remote access works where the right equipment and staff are essential and hand weeding in sensitive riparian areas.


Key Skills:

  • Herbicide application both high volume and knapsack
  • Woody weed control
  • Excellent ID and mapping skills
  • Grassland management
  • Riparian vegetation management
  • Habitat construction
  • Revegetation
  • Remote access weed control and mapping
  • IRATA trained ropes crew (weed control, erosion control and planting).
  • Brushcutting
  • Seed collection
  • Steam spraying weed control
  • Weed spraying
  • Tree planting
  • NRM
  • Fire breaks
  • Water ways

Steam Weed Control

Non-toxic weed control

Our commitment to protecting and maintaining the health of the environment is part of our vision. WES continues to innovate in environmental management services and brings world leading technology to our clients.


Our 400lt quick spray steam unit is chemical free, safe for use in areas  where children and pets frequent and most importantly environmentally friendly.
Steam weed control can be operated in all weather conditions and  perfect when controlling weeds in wetlands and riparian zones.


If you would like to arrange a demonstration or get more information on our Weed Steam Control services please contact us.

Our Other Services Include:

The Thomson River Fishway Construction Project

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